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Co-founder, Shelter Home Building

In 2013, Adam and his family found out that their beloved house was filled with a dangerous toxin that was making them sick. After deciding to tear it down, they were unable to find a builder to help them rebuild a healthier, safer home – so they did it themselves. Today, their house is the Shelter model home – and one of the healthiest houses anywhere in America.

Adam has spent his entire professional life as a champion for health...


Modern Electric

Electrical Services

Steven is a craftsman and artist. He takes his craft seriously but doesn't forget to have a good time while making things awesome.

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Chris Wilhite Design

Cabinets, Trim Carpentry

I started in residential remodeling, and quickly found a love for design. Met a lot of really cool people and worked on very fulfilling projects, but realized my passion was building furniture

Eventually found a genius to follow and worked under James Dawson learning concrete, steel, and wood work for 4 years producing high-end, luxury products. I live for all things tastefully modern, my cats and my...

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McQueen Brothers Custom Builders

Carpentry, Masonry, Metalwork

The McQueen brothers have always loved the challenge of turning wild ideas into reality. Whether building tree forts, notching logs for their family cabin, or tinkering in the family blacksmith shop, they were always building something while growing up. Later, they both honed their carpentry and masonry skills while working on historic structures for the National Parks Service for several years....

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Pickell Plumbing

Plumbing, Water Filtration

Pickell Plumbing is known for reliability, honesty, and excellent service. We are a family owned and operated local business and take pride in servicing the Austin community. No job is too big or too small for Pickell Plumbing. Our close-knit team of professional plumbers embraces the benefits of healthy building concepts and technologies.